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Eve Kecskes

Hello, My name is Eve Kecskes and I’m a Registered Dietitian with a private practice in Manhattan.  My goal of this blog is to make you an informed nutrition reader.  As a dietitian, I believe the key to a healthy diet is moderation, variety and balance.  I know it’s easy to throw these words around, but understanding how to put them in action is where the difficulty lies.  There is a lot of conflicting advice in the media, the internet and elsewhere, and as a Registered Dietitian I want to help make sense of it all to you.  Please feel free to post questions, I will answer the questions in separate posts.  This blog will be a place for me to tell  you about some of the latest nutrition research studies that are published.   In addition to the science end of things, I’m going to share with you some anecdotal nutrition advice from my personal experience, and how I handle the hardest situations during traveling, dining out, working long hours and more.    Make sure to check this blog often so you are in the “know” of how to stay healthy like a dietitian does!

Please be advised that this blog is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any illnesses that you may have.  The information provided on this site is for our own education and the education of others. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.  You should always consult a doctor before undertaking any diet or exercise program.


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