Souffle Dinner

After our first day in Paris, an overnight flight, and walking 6 miles we were exhausted.  With little energy left we decided to go to a restaurant close to our hotel for dinner.  Le Souffle is where we went.  As someone who loves to enjoy good food, but in moderation, I was looking forward to tasting some souffles.  However, I was hoping my husband would share a souffle or two with me.  Nope, he wanted to get the 3 course souffle dinner for himself and not share!  And he said that I HAD to get it too, I was disappointed at first because I like to have smaller portions of heavy foods but figured since I was there I might  as well get it too.

Souffles are light cakes that are made in individual ramekins and made with eggs.  Souffles can be savory or sweet.  My choices for the evening was: goat cheese souffle to start, chicken & mushroom souffle as my main, and chocolate souffle for dessert.  I knew I was up for a lot of food!  So before the meal came I had decided I wasn’t going to finish any of them – this was going to be a rich meal made with a lot of butter, whole milk/cream, cheese, and eggs (not foods I eat on a regular basis).  The restaurant did bring a basket of bread, which I skipped in anticipation of my meal.  We did order a half bottle of wine to split for the evening.

Up first was my goat cheese souffle:

Goat Cheese SouffleI ate half of what you see from that souffle, it was really delicious!  Goat cheese is one of my favorite foods.

Up next, was a really nice salad of fresh greens and sprouts with a tiny bit of dressing.  I ate it all!

Salad at Souffle Restaurant

Then came the entree souffle, which had chicken & mushrooms:

Entree Souffle with chicken & mushrooms

Little did I know the chicken & mushrooms would come separately in a cream sauce!  The waiter immediately put a few spoonfuls into the souffle.  I’m not a lover of cream sauces, so I ate the chicken & mushrooms out and had about half the souffle itself.  I definitely preferred the goat cheese one to this souffle.

And lastly, was the chocolate souffle.  I am a chocolate lover so I was saving room for this course!

Chocolate Souffle

This was the best part of the entire dinner!  When the waiter set the souffle in front of me, he made a well in the middle of the souffle and poured chocolate sauce in, pure heaven.  Even though it was amazing, i ate about 2/3 and left the rest.

This was not a meal that you would think of a dietitian eating, and I will say that this was quite an indulgent vacation dinner!  However, at the end of the meal I was pleased that I was able to taste 3 different types of souffles, and leave full but not stuffed: mission accomplished.  This was a great ending to our first day in Europe.


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