Dinner in Burgundy: Lameloise

After 2 days in Paris, we rented a car and drove south to Burgundy.  I had some snacks that I had taken from New York that I made into breakfast: an apple, a bag of kashi cereal, a few almonds and I picked up a cafe au lait before leaving Paris.

Lunch was also a mish mosh of ingredients.  My husband got hungry before we got to our destination, so he picked up a baguette with prosciutto.  I had a couple bites of each before we reached the town of Chagny where we spent the night.   In the town I picked up a nectarine and we shared a piece of pizza.  It was not your typical pizza it was thick with some ham and cheese, it was really heavy not my favorite and I completely forgot to take a picture!

Then it was time for wine tasting!  We visited 2 vineyards, each vineyard has you try about 5 wines, so I just had a couple sips of each.

Burgundy Winery

Burgundy Winery

I tried not to spoil my appetite, because that evening we were dining at a well known restaurant called Lameloise.  It is a 3  starred Michelin restaurant, with a set menu – read: many courses!

First up, was the amuse bouche.  An amuse bouche is a bite-sized hors d’oeuvre, translated literally to:  to please the mouth.   This was a zucchini and tomato gazpacho topped with some sort of fried cracker and on the side was a fried cod ball.  The gazpacho was amazing!   But then again, gazpacho is one of my favorite soups.

Amuse Bouche

We ordered 2 glasses of wine each with this meal and the sommelier recommended one that would pair well each with our appetizer and main course.   For an appetizer I ordered the seasonal vegetables that came over a couple pieces of homemade pasta.  It was ok, the vegetables were very fresh but I thought this dish lacked a lot of flavor.   Coming to a 3-star Michelin restaurant I was expecting to be blown away, at this point nothing was very special.

Lameloise Appetizer

For my main dish, I ordered monkfish that came in a red wine sauce.  On the side was a small piece of potato topped with a cipollini onion and two “potato chips”.  The entree was delicious, but again I was expecting more.  The monkfish was cooked perfectly (too often it is chewy), and the sauce was delicious and complemented the fish very well.

Lameloise EntreeThen came the cheese course!  These were really delicious – but I think this course started to put me over the edge.   The cheese on the left was an aged goat, then a fresh goat cheese (amazing!), and I can’t remember what the other two were.  But they were all fantastic.

Lameloise CheeseThen came a “pre-dessert”.  This was one of the most delicious parts of the evening!  This was a shot glass size, filled with some strawberry sauce and vanilla creme topped with mint granita.  The mint granita was very refreshing and perfect for cleansing the palate.  I would have been happy finishing here – but of course there was still dessert!

Lameloise Pre-Dessert

Dessert was a chocolate molten cake, one of my absolute favorite desserts.  Unfortunately, I was incredibly full by this time and could only eat a few bites.

Lameloise Dessert

The meal was very good, but I wouldn’t recommend travelling for it.  And I left feeling way too full, not my ideal way to feel at the end of a meal.  But this is part of “normal eating” sometimes you end up eating too much, and it’s not the end of the world!  I tell my clients one big meal will not make you gain 10 pounds!


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