European Continental Breakfasts

On our trip to Europe, some of the places we stayed included a continental breakfast the next morning.  These were always well appreciated before driving to our next destination.  Breakfasts such as these can be very healthy or the complete opposite.  Since most of our dinners included heavier foods, I tried to keep breakfast simple yet healthy and satisfying.

Manoir de la Roseraie offered a complimentary continental breakfast.  The spread included meats, cheese, breads, pastry, yogurt, fruit, and cereals.

Here’s my plate:

Manoir Breakfast

For me the pastries and meats are not worth it.  However, I did want another bite of the fresh goat cheese that I enjoyed thoroughly at dinner the previous night!  That must have been about 1/2 an ounce of cheese and I ate it on the small slice of whole grain baguette.  I mixed the muesli cereal (oats, dried fruit, nuts) with the plain yogurt and had the fruit on the side (nectarine, apricot & dried fig).  I ate everything except 1/2 the nectarine, it ended up being a bit too much.  This breakfast kept me satisfied for hours!  It was definitely the winning combo of fiber (mueseli, fruit, and whole grain bread) with protein (yogurt, nuts & cheese) with some fat (cheese & nuts).

The next time we had a similar breakfast was in Valpolicella, Italy at a place called Villa Giona.  This was one of the most fabulous places ever!  The gardens were breathtaking, the building dated back to the 11th/12th century, there was a vineyard on the property, and a gorgeous infinity pool.

Villa Giona

Breakfast was served on their patio, and they had set up a beautiful spread for us.  Again there was a plate of meat & cheese in addition to pastries that I didn’t touch.  I had the multigrain cereal which had some dried fruit and nuts in it with plain yogurt and some fruit salad on the side.  I tend to skip the juice if there is fruit, since the fiber helps fill me up!

Villa Giona Breakfast

In Venice, our hotel also offered us breakfast.  Unless it was included we didn’t eat at the hotel because it was generally very expensive.  I chose a nice mixture of cereals: all bran & muesli with plain yogurt & fruit.  Dan & I split the fruit plate that is pictured.

Venice Breakfast

Look at the view we had while eating:

Venice Breakfast view

Not too bad, huh?  It’s really nice to have a gorgeous view while you’re eating and sit down, relax and truly enjoy your food.  I think we rush so much and never actually enjoy our food.  I have to tell you it’s much easier to not finish all your food, when you eat slowly, think about what you’re eating and take the time to recognize your fullness.

We had a few more breakfasts that I didn’t get pictures of, but they were all very similar.  Everywhere I went had plain yogurt, some sort of whole grain cereal and fruit, and it was always a great start to the day.

How do you deal with continental breakfast buffets?

4 Responses

  1. That IS and amazing view. Incredible. I remember the continental breakfast at the hotel I stayed in Paris. I loved having fresh fruit, granola, and hot chocolate!

  2. Ahh I haven’t been to Europe since 2003 – I miss it so much!! But your fabulous recaps are making me relive those great memories, so thank you 🙂

    Great blog, by the way!!

  3. Thanks girls! I agree there’s just something so amazing about Europe.

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