On-the-go Breakfast

On our European trip breakfast was always on our mind.  In the country we had it included with our night’s stay.  However, in the cities we did not.  This meant that we had to go out to a cafe or pick up something from a local store.  Going without breakfast is not something we do!  In Rome, we had so much we wanted to do that we did did not want to waste time sitting down at a cafe.  Especially since the cafes offered pastries and not much else.  Each morning we walked from our hotel until we could find a local store to pick up some food for our morning activities.

BreakfastThat’s me eating an orange in front of the Trevi Fountain!  We found a great shop with lots of choices.  I picked up a “fit” yogurt and an orange.

Fitline Yogurt

The yogurt was strawberry flavored and 0.9% fat.  I didn’t write down the exact nutritional facts but it wasn’t too high in sugar and had a decent amount of protein.  This breakfast is smaller than what I normally eat but kept me fueled for a few hours.  I did also get my daily cappucino, so that added a few extra grams of protein too!

Then we were off for sightseeing.


The next day, we did the same thing.  This time I got a plain yogurt with muesli to add in.  It was delicious!  I ate a nectarine with it.

YogurtAnd we were off on another day of sightseeing!


Nutrition Tidbit: When visiting a foreign city, you can ALWAYS get a healthy breakfast.

  • Choose something with fiber: fruit, oatmeal, whole grain bread, muesli, whole grain cereal
  • Choose something with protein: milk, yogurt, eggs, nuts
  • At a cafe you can have eggs & fruit
  • At a continental breakfast you can have yogurt, muesli & fruit
  • At a supermarket or local store you can pick up fruit & yogurt

5 Responses

  1. Great ideas for healthy on the go breakfasts (a must when traveling!!). I hope your wedding photos turned out well!!!! Post some if you can, I’d LOVE to see them

  2. Thanks for the breakfast tips! most of the time the hotel I stay in serves continental breakfast with all the donuts and stuff, but they also serve healthy options like fruit, oatmeal (albeit instant) and boiled eggs.

  3. These pictures remind me of my honeymoon in Italy. Such great memories 🙂 We had breakfast at all of our hotels and it was really yummy stuff. The Italians know how to eat 😀

  4. Love love love the Italy photos! It makes me want to go back!!

    Did you make a wish at the Trevi fountain?

  5. Ahhhh European breakfast. Don’t get me started! I studied abroad and traveled quite a bit in Europe. Almost everywhere we stayed (with the exception of a few dingy hostels), we could count on a beautiful spread each morning. Fresh fruit, meats, cheese, eggs, breads, museli… Moderation was challenging!!! But with so much to choose from, you’re right, when visiting a foreign city, you can ALWAYS find a healthy breakfast!

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