Florentine Lunch

Oh how I LOVE Florence!  There is something incredibly charming and authentic about Florence.  Yes there are tons of tourists flocking to the Duomo in the summertime, but it doesn’t really matter!

We spent one day in Florence on our way to Tuscany.  Since we had been there before, it was really to reminisce.  Last time, we had so much fun walking to the top of the Duomo that we did it again.


This is in the middle of the 400 some odd steps.

View from the DuomoView from the top of the Duomo.

After lots of walking around, we headed to lunch.  I remembered one restaurant that I loved the last time we were there call Baldovino.  Dan insisted we share an appetizer portion of pasta to start, how could I resist?!

Baldovino PastaThe pasta was incredibly simple and delicious.  A basic olive oil sauce with eggplant, tomato, ricotta salata and a few pine nuts.  Delicious!  As you can see this was the perfect portion size.

For my entree, I got a large salad:

Baldovino PastaThe salad was a mixture of greens topped with pear, pecorino and walnuts.  Divine!  I believe pear & pecorino were made for each other 🙂  I topped it with a bit of balsamic vinegar.  You can see Dan’s pizza in the background!

I didn’t know if this lunch would keep me full, but it sure did!  I was full up until our dinner which was around 9pm.   Even though there was no real “protein” – the cheese, nuts, veggies and pasta were a winning combination for satiety.

Nutrition Tidbit:

  • When ordering pasta make it a side dish
  • Split your favorite pasta with someone or ask for a half portion
  • Order something light to have in addition.   Such as my salad above.
  • This is the best way to enjoy what you really love, but in moderation while also staying full.


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  1. I’m so jealous of your travels! When did you go on this trip? That is why people there are such a healthy weight, lots of walking, steps and normal portions 🙂

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