A Beautiful Shower


This past Sunday I went to my brother’s fiance’s bridal shower.  It was a beautiful shower!  The theme was “travel” and each person was given a luggage tag as their place card.  Cute idea, huh?

Luggage TagsThe table names were the places they have traveled together.

Now onto the food, here was the menu:

Shower MenuI chose the salad to start:

SaladIt was simple but delicious!  I ate every last bite.

For my entree I chose the salmon:

SalmonThe salmon was served over a fennel salad with tomatoes and greens with an organge vinaigrette.  It was very flavorful, yet light at the same time.  The salmon was pretty large, about 6-8 ounces, so I ate half the salmon and all the veggies.  I wanted to save room for some dessert!

Dessert was a chocolate fondue served family style:

FondueAll I can say is WOW!  The chocolate had a fire under it to keep it warm, and it was super dark, just the way I like it!  I love desserts like this because you can choose just how much you want.  I had a taste of everything except for the pound cake and the apple.  The marshmallow in the chocolate was amazing!! They served graham crackers crumbs to dip in too, here’s my photo:

MarshmallowMy 2nd favorite was the strawberry:

StrawberryYou can use your imagination to determine what the pretzel and banana looked like!

Overall, I felt like I did a great job.  Sometimes 3+ course meals can be challenging if you don’t have a plan, and you can end up leaving very full!  For me I decided to choose the lighter appetizer and main dish so that I could have dessert without feeling weighed down!  It worked out perfectly.  I enjoyed everything.

Nutrition Tidbit: When eating out, choose what you want to indulge in ahead of time.  If you want a richer entree (something very cheesy, fried, or in a cream sauce), then you may want to stay away from the bread and dessert.  It’s all about choices, and it’s easy for the calories to add up quickly.  Depending on your proper caloric intake you make want to decide ahead of time if you will be:

  • drinking
  • having a heavy appetizer or entree
  • eating bread
  • having dessert

It’s ok to indulge in all of the above sometimes, but if you eat out a lot then you may want to cut back or have small tastes of each.

Bon Appetite!


4 Responses

  1. That meal looks delicious! What a cute theme idea too, it seems like there are a lot of ways to implement it!


  2. So lovely!!

  3. What a fabulous shower! The luggage tag idea is super cute. The food selection is very nice as well- who doesn’t like fondue? yum!

  4. what a great idea for a shower, it looked like a lot of fun with lots of good eats. I find that if I have a ‘plan’ ahead of time I fare much better than without one, but sometimes it still doesn’t work and I just pick up the next day 🙂

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