Healthy Lunches in Boston

This past weekend, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Boston for 2 days.  For me it works well to eat mostly healthy foods full of nutrients during the day so I feel my best and save some “indulgent” foods for the evening.  It’s usually rather easy to find healthy food, particularly in a big city like Boston.

On Friday after walking around the city for a few hours we built up quite an appetite!  While strolling on Newbury Street we stumbled upon the restaurant 29 Newbury.  It looked perfect, especially when I saw the plethora of salads everyone was eating! After perusing the menu, I knew I wanted a salad, particularly one with protein since I was feeling quite hungry.

I chose the special salad of the day a cobb salad: it was a combination of mixed greens and arugula topped with ham, turkey, avocado, artichoke hearts and tomatoes.

29 Newbury SaladTypically cobb salads are loaded with fatty toppings, but this one only had 2: cheese and avocado and the portions of each were small so it was perfect.  I asked for my dressing on the side, and when the salad was served to me with the dressing on, I figured I would just eat it.  However after tasting a few bites, it was more dressing than I like, and the waiter was happy to bring me a new one (this picture is of the 1st salad with the dressing).

I enjoyed a small slice of french baguette with the salad.

Later that afternoon we were walking through Copley Square and I was delighted to find a farmer’s market!  One stand had peaches for $1.50/pound and I knew that would be the perfect afternoon snack.


On Saturday, we spent some time in Cambridge, and explored the Harvard campus.  When it was lunch time, we tried to find somewhere off the main beaten bath and were pleasantly surprised when we found Harvest. It was hidden off a small street, and I was even happier when they brought us to the outdoor patio since it was ideal weather for eating outside. I wasn’t that hungry for lunch, so I went with one of their appetizer salads.

Our waiter immediately placed a wonderful bread basket in front of us.  The cornbread was irresistible!


Roasted Beet Salad with Watercress, Frisée, Comte Cheese, Haricot Verts, Hazelnut Vinaigrette & Black Pepper Cracker.

Beet Salad

The salad was only ok, the ingredients were all very fresh, but I don’t think I ordered the best item on the menu.  My husband ordered a lamb meatloaf sandwich that was amazing!  There was so much that he couldn’t finish it and I was happy to eat his leftover meat for my protein 🙂

Nutrition Tidbit: Eating Salads Out

  • Salads are great for lunch time meals out.
  • Make sure to incorporate some sort of protein for staying power such as: egg, chicken, beef, fish, beans/lentils, cheese, or tofu.
  • Include a little carbohydrate.  If you have a combination of lean protein and a few vegetables your hunger will not be as satisfied.  Add some beans or lentils to your salad, or have a piece of whole grain bread (if available) on the side, or end your meal with some fruit.
  • Always ask for dressing on the side — this can save you hundreds of calories
  • Be aware of all the added fats: cheese, nuts, bacon, croutons, fatty meat, and salad dressing.  These toppings can make a seemingly healthy salad quite unhealthy.

8 Responses

  1. Love the food in Boston 😀

  2. Looks like you found some good eats here – we’re planning a trip to NYC soon . . . going to treat myself to a bagel w/whitefish salad, for sure – a splurge, but you can’t get good bagels in Boston!


  3. That cornbread looks really moist.

  4. Hey, I stumbled across your blog. Great tips for eating salads out. I worked as a dietitian in Las Vegas for 5 years and I spent a good deal of my time talking to people about smart ways to eat out, including buffet dining. I look forward to reading your blog.

  5. I hope you’re enjoying your time in Boston! It’s one of my favorite cities. 😀

    Love the salad tips. I always, always, always ask for dressing on the side but forgot a couple weekends ago at a local restaurant and received a salad drenched in creamy dressing. That’s great that they were able to bring you another…the flavors are so much more enjoyable with just a touch of dressing, in my opinion. 😀

  6. Great post- Boston is a great historic city I’d love to visit. (I live in another one- Charleston, SC)

    It’s great to know how to find healthy and good-tasting food at restaurants!

    I linked to this from FitMenu’s facebook page-

    Chris McNeil, founder

  7. Both places look great. I’ll need to check them out 🙂

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