Weekend Free For Alls

When it comes to healthy eating, a lot of people do great during the week and seem to lose it on the weekend, only to say “I will start over again on Monday.”  This cycle leads to many unhealthy habits, and prevents you from reaching your goals.

The reasons healthy eating is usually sabotaged on the weekends is due to:

  • lack of schedule
  • lack of planning
  • dinners out
  • holidays
  • birthday parties
  • traveling
  • and other social obligations

If you are having trouble staying on track during the weekends try these tips:

  1. Exercise! Make sure to squeeze it in, look at your schedule and see when you can get some activity in.  Whether it’s a trip to the gym, walking in a new city, playing ball with your kids, hiking or biking – get off the couch and do something active!
  2. Drink Water. Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger — don’t let this happen to you.
  3. Plan Meals & Snacks. If you’re going to be out doing errands all day make sure you plan for your meals while out.  This may be packing a lunch to take with you, or throwing a fruit and nuts in your bag for a snack.  The worst thing is being hungry and overdoing it at the next meal or snack.
  4. Decide Where to Indulge. It’s ok to have a meal where you indulge, just don’t make it every meal of the weekend.  If you know you have a special occasion during the weekend, make sure to eat healthfully at all your other meals and it will fit in perfectly.
  5. Prevent Boredom Eating. If you are likely to eat when bored, make a plan!  Acknowledge the fact that you are bored and do something instead of eating.  Make sure you eat properly throughout the day, and do something if else you feel the need to nosh but aren’t actually hungry.
  6. Alcohol. Limit your alcohol, it adds tons of extra calories, and usually leads to some pretty unhealthy food choices.  Choose wine, light beer, or alcohol mixed with soda water.  Alternate water with drinks, and make sure to drink slowly!
  7. Keep your Food Journal. A lot of people keep food journals during the week but slack off on the weekends because they don’t want to acknowledge what they ate.  This is a bad idea!  You need to take ownership for what you do and learn from your mistakes.  If you felt like you overate at a party, write it down along with your feelings and then you can re-read it and make different choices next time.
  8. Define your Weaknesses. Figure out where your pitfalls are…is it boredom eating, not planning for meals, too much alcohol, too many meals out?   Come up with a game plan on ways to tackle the obstacle so you can feel better in the future.

Enjoy Your Weekend…Healthfully of Course 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I always really enjoy your posts! They’re so relevent, which is awesome. It’s so easy to eat well at home and during the week, which is the struggle I have. I eat like crazy on the weekend.

    I’ve decided that there can only be one free-for-all meal a week, usually Sunday lunch or Friday dinner. I’m going to a wine festival tomorrow, so I definitely needed this advice.

  2. Great tips, Eve. I always eat out more on weekends but I find that at least I only eat when I’m hungry vs. during the week I often stress eat.

  3. These are great tips. I am extremely picky about what goes into my body so nutritious eating isn’t a problem on any day, but I do find that as a single girl living in NYC, alcohol is a real hard one to stay away from. Do you have any suggestions for what to offer as an alternative when people ask you to meet them for a drink?

  4. Great tips! I have definitely been guilty of number 7, and am working hard to stop making excuse and keep up with my journal. As for 6…well at least I usually choose wine, but sometimes I’m not so great at stopping!

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