All About Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has become increasingly popular over the years.  It’s thick, creamy, and incredibly high in protein.  I usually buy whichever brand is the least expensive.  At my local supermarket, Fairway, Chobani is $1.39 which is significantly lower than Fage and Oikos.  However, I was thrilled when Kristina over at Stonyfield sent me a package with coupons to try some Oikos for free!  Thanks Kristina!


When buying regular yogurts, I always choose Stonyfield.  Before I became a big greek yogurt fan, Stonyfield fat free plain yogurt was always my go to yogurt of choice.  However, with Oikos clocking in at $1.99/container I hadn’t bit the bullet.

Let’s compare nutritionals for a moment:

Fage 0% plain 6 oz container: 90 calories, 0 grams fat, 7 grams carbohydrate, 0 grams fiber, 7 grams sugar, 15 grams protein, and 20% calcium

Chobani 0% plain 6.0 oz container: 100 calories, 0 grams fat, 7 grams carbohydrate, 0 grams fiber, 7 grams sugar, 18 grams protein, and 20% calcium

Oikos 0% plain 5.3 oz container: 80 calories, 0 grams fat, 7 grams carbohydrate, 0 grams fiber, 7 grams sugar, 16 grams protein and 20% calcium

Taste wise, they are all very similar.  I haven’t done a side by side comparison, so it’s hard to notice the minimal differences.  I really enjoy them all.

As you can see the nutritional information is strikingly similar, the main difference is that Oikos is organic. If you have the money, organic dairy is something that is worth while splurging for.

Oikos comes in 5 flavors: plain, honey, vanilla, blueberry & strawberry.  Personally, I enjoyed the plain variety the most as I do with all yogurts.  However, I always add fruit and/or cereal to my yogurt.  But I gave the vanilla and blueberry a try as well.  If you enjoy vanilla yogurts you will definitely like that flavor, personally I didn’t love it.  However, the blueberry yogurt I loved!  It was a fruit on the bottom type, and you mixed it all up.  There were real pieces of blueberries, and I loved how the sugar was only 15 grams.  Stonyfield’s normal blueberry yogurt has 22 grams of sugar. Unlike plain, this yogurt is great eaten alone – you don’t need toppings in it!

Here’s what the blueberry yogurt looked like while it was in the process of being mixed:


Nutrition Tidbit:

  • While greek yogurt is higher in protein, it’s also much lower in calcium and does not contain any vitamin D.
  • Stonyfield’s nonfat plain yogurt in a 6oz cup contains 30% calcium and 20% vitamin D.  The calcium percentage is based off of 1,000 mg/day.
  • Remember the RDA for calcium is:
  • 9-18 years: 1300 mg
  • 19-49 years: 1000 mg
  • >51 years: 1200 mg

6 Responses

  1. Even before I switched to all organic dairy, I loved oikos the most (taste-wise). I just think it’s so fluffy and delicious. Yum! 🙂

  2. Oh I think you should do a post about the benefit of organic meats and dairy.

  3. Fage 0% is a staple in our house – I buy a case of the big containers every 2 weeks! The sweetened varieties are just too sweet for us. We mix in our own jam/honey if we want it sweet (try mixing in a little lemon curd and then topping with berries for dessert). I just finished off a bowl of Fage 0% with a chopped pear and 1/2 c. of original Fiber One mixed in – plenty sweet, good bit o’ fiber and sweetness and fruit from the pear. Last night, I used it in a savory Indian cabbage preparation – great substitute for sour cream!

    Also, FWIW, although Fage isn’t organic, it’s made w/milk from cows not treated w/rBGH, which for me, is the key.

  4. I got some free samples too and fell in love! I’ve been buying Oikos ever since! 🙂

  5. Hey! Thank you for the thoughts on refueling. My big issue is I have a sensitive tummy and I cannot eat anything more than a piece of fruit before a long run or I will get stomach pains…I was hoping the supplements during the run would allow me to continue on without the tummy pain….

    I LOVE greek yogurt. My favorite is plain with just a little honey mixed in. I enjoy both Chobani and Oikos (I usually buy whatever is cheaper too but LOVE that oikos is organic)

  6. I am glad that Greek yogurt (fage is the one I use) does not contain Vitmain D. I hate added vitamins. Whatever you buy in this country is enriched withvitamins, which I hate in this country. I remember making curd or yogurt that they call here in India. They sell fresh milk that is milked from cow every day and we have to go early morning with containers to get milk, boil it and make yogut that doesn’t match the store bought yogurt or milk here. I miss yogurt from India as meal is not complete in India without ending the food with yogurt and rice especially in south India.

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