I am heading out of town today for ADA’s FNCE: Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.  It’s in Denver, Colorado and I’m going out one day early to explore the area with a colleague.  Saturday we have an all day board meeting for my Nutrition Entrepreneurs group and then the conference is Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.  I’m really looking forward to some educational lectures.

As an RD you have to do continuing education to maintain your RD status.  I went to FNCE 2 years ago when it was in Philadelphia, but last year it was the weekend of my wedding.  I’m excited to go this year!

I will try to blog while there, but I’m not sure of internet access or time availability.  But I will be sure to take photos of all my meals eaten so you can get an idea of how I eat while I travel and particularly how groups of RDs eat when together since I know that is something people are always curious about!


2 Responses

  1. Have fun. I went in Philly too. It coincided with my college reunion in Allentown so I was able to travel east for both. I am in the NE DPG too. Are you on the board?

  2. Have fun! I love the idea of taking pics of food you eat while traveling + eating with other RDs. I wonder if you girls let loose or eat extra clean since others may be judging. 🙂

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