FNCE Day #1

I’m back from Denver, Colorado and boy was it an amazing weekend!  I learned so much, networked with amazing colleagues, and am back completely pumped to be in the field of nutrition.

I flew to Denver Thursday evening and got in around 8pm (10pm Eastern time).  Knowing my flight was over dinner time, I packed food with me.  That afternoon I picked up a salad from California Pizza Kitchen, since it is very close to my office.  I got a half BBQ chicken salad, without the tortilla strips.  I ate the salad, plus the bread and a honeycrisp apple on the flight.  I know some people are embarrassed to bring food on a plane, but personally I think it’s better to bring something that you will enjoy and keep you full than being starving!  I met my friend Pam at the airport.  Her brother and his girlfriend picked us up and brought us back to their house to spend the night.

Friday morning, we ate breakfast and decided what to do for the day.  They thought we would enjoy the Rocky Mountain National Park, I agreed!  For breakfast, they had 2 flavors of Special K cereal with skim milk as well as fresh strawberries and grapes.  I have never had Special K before, and while it was tasty, the lack of fiber left me hungry soon after.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Between the hours of 11:30 – 12:30 my stomach was rumbling so I ate a Luna bar and a mini box of raisins:


The Rocky Mountain National Park was gorgeous!!!  Here’s a photo of Pam & I:

We saw lots of Elk, did you know the males are about 1,100 pounds!  Check out this photo up close:


Here’s another photo:

We left the park around 2pm, and were all rather hungry.  In Colorado there are tons of Mexican restaurants, so we decided to try one out.  Since I wasn’t starving from my snacks, I ordered the Chicken Fajita Salad without sour cream.  It had chicken, peppers, onions, cheese & guacamole.  I asked for the dressing on the side too.  But the “fajita” was cooked in quite a bit of oil so that was the dressing.

The salad was ok – I’m not a fan of green peppers and as I mentioned it was oilier than I would have liked.  But I still ate it.  I had a few chips with salsa before the salad came and a few more dipped in my guacamole, probably about 10 in total.  I avoided the green peppers, had some of the cheese and ate the chicken & onions with the lettuce.  Wasn’t my favorite meal, but it did the job of filling my tummy 🙂 And I didn’t leave super full, which can happen too quickly if you’re not careful at Mexican!

Later in the day we checked into our hotel in Denver.  We had a Nutrition Entrepreneurs board dinner that evening.  They are always so much fun, and a great way to kick off a fun weekend. We met at the restaurant Twelve, which serves Modern American food and changes their menu monthly to accommodate for seasonal ingredients. They first brought out the most delicious bread. I had a slice of each with a shmear of butter – the brown bread was absolutely amazing.

I wasn’t starving for dinner (the late lunch really held me well!).  So I skipped an appetizer and ordered a main dish only.  I went with the Scallops:

Diver Scallop, Red Beet, Celery-Root Fuji Apple Salad

The scallops were fantastic, perfectly cooked.  And the salad was light yet refreshing and paired really well with the scallops.  It was a filling meal, but didn’t leave you weighed down.

If you’re curious what the other dietitians ordered.  Some had 3 appetizers: salad, squash soup & mussels (that was a popular order).  Several people ordered the beef, which was described as:  slow braised beef shoulder, barley “risotto”, king trumpet mushroom:

By the time we finished our entrees, it was 10pm and I was fading.  Instead of staying for dessert, I called it a night with several other people and I went back to my hotel.  Even though the dessert menu was very tempting, my sleep won over.  Especially with our board meeting the next day starting at 7:30!

So, in case you were wondering, dietitians eat white bread with butter, beef and dessert 🙂  This is where moderation fits in.  None of the portions were extremely large either, so even if some dishes were heavier, you didn’t have to eat a huge quantity.  If you are in Denver, I highly recommend the restaurant Twelve!


3 Responses

  1. Good note about planning ahead and bringing food to the airport. As a consultant I fly very frequently and I’ve brought everything from veggies and hummus to salmon to wasa crackers with peanut butter. I just act like getting food at airport isn’t an option b/c chances are I’ll end up with a situation like your mexican salad. Even if it seems like the healthy choice – it will be too oily or too something…
    Glad you had a good trip 🙂

  2. I definitely have no problem with bringing food with me. My husband gets embarrassed sometimes, but I don’t care. I usually bring something that’s way healthier and something I’d actually enjoy.
    Great looking meals! 🙂

  3. What a FUN trip! Glad it made you even more excited about nutrition! I love that bbq salad (minus the chicken now ;)) from california pizza kitchen! I always bring my own food on the plane- love it. I can’t believe how big Elk get- I had no idea!

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