Healthy Halloween

With tomorrow being Halloween, I’m sure most of you have already stocked up your pantries with candy or are preparing for a fun party out.  Whatever your plans may be, I wanted to make sure to give you some tips before the night begins!

Healthy Halloween Tips

  • Do not skip any meals in anticipation of indulging in Halloween treats.  You will overeat, and feel an intense sugar rush and crash.
  • Have a balanced dinner with fiber and protein.  Eat the candy soon to help reduce surges in your blood sugar levels.
  • Do indulge in your favorite treat.  If you’re at a party with a big bowl of your favorite candy, or if your child brings home the one treat you cannot pass up, do not fight it!  You will probably compensate by eating something else, only to feel unsatisfied.
  • Treat Halloween the same way you would a buffet.  Look around to see what all the options are and make a decision based on what you really want, with moderation in mind.
  • Choose the mini sizes over the fun sizes if you can. But remember these add up quickly!
  • If you have a lot of leftover candy in your house, store it in a place that you can’t see, this way you will be less likely to indulge in it.  Or even better, save a handful of your own and your families favorites and give the rest away!
  • One of my favorite ideas for a healthy Halloween is to give away non food items.  Kids would love a creepy pen, pencil or eraser.  Or another small Halloween gadget.  Think outside of the box!

Happy Halloween!

What do you do to stay healthy on Halloween?


4 Responses

  1. […] Want some tips on how to stick to stay on the health track tomorrow?  See here. […]

  2. I’m not very good at moderation when it comes to fun-sized candy bars, candy corn, etc, so I just don’t bring any home. No kiddos in our household so it’s pretty easy for now. There’s always plenty at the office and friends houses so I’ll have a few pieces here and there instead.

  3. Although I buy the candy ahead of time (I’m a planner), we don’t open it ’til the night before, at the earliest. Day of, we try to eat real, healthy food at our meals – with an emphasis on protein and fiber – so we’re filled up on that and less apt to gobble up too much candy. We let our daughter eat as much as she wants on Halloween (she really doesn’t eat much, she happens to be a good self-regulator), and on Monday my husband takes all the extra treats we didn’t give out into the office (so I’m not alone with them!).

  4. Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

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