What is a Healthy Body Weight?

Have you struggled to achieve your “ideal body weight?”  Where did you get this ideal number from in the first place?  Was it something you last achieved when you were in high school or college?  Is it a number you pulled out of thin air?  Did you look at BMI chart to determine it?  Did you pick it up from a magazine?

To help you figure out what your “Ideal” or “Healthy” body weight is, let’s address the question at hand: “What is a Healthy Body Weight?”

  • A weight that is right for your age
  • A weight that you can maintain without dieting
  • A weight that you are comfortable with
  • A weight that is right considering your body shape and size
  • A weight that you maintain while eating healthy foods
  • A weight that you maintain while engaging in regular physical activity
  • A weight that allows you to be free of weight related medical conditions

Guess what?  This number is different from everyone!

It’s possible that 2 women who are the same size and same age have different healthy body weights!

Forget the norms of the media, celebrities, and models.  Start thinking about what is right for you!  Stop dieting and start eating healthy.  Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your day whenever you can.  Choose lean proteins over higher fat ones.  Add in whole grains, and limit your intake of white refined carbohydrates.  Cook with heart healthy fats, and limit your intake of saturated and trans fat.  If you eat this way the majority of time there’s room for your favorite indulgences in moderation.  For me it’s pizza, pasta, cheese and chocolate and I never feel guilty when I eat them!

If we all stopped dieting and tried to learn to eat in a healthy, balanced, moderate and varied way – we would achieve a weight that is healthy for us!

Now here’s where it gets tricky!

Since there is so much pressure in our society to be thin, a lot of people want to be a size that is unhealthy for them or requires constant dieting to achieve.  Is this healthy?   I challenge you to think to yourself:

  • Are those last 5 pounds really worth it?
  • Will I give up enjoying food to achieve those last few pounds?
  • Am I healthy at my current weight?
  • Will I feel deprived to get to that weight?
  • Why am I trying to achieve that weight?

Personally, I think food is a huge enjoyment in life and not worth sacrificing.  Dieting leads to deprivation, which leads to an unhealthy relationship with food.

Are you at a healthy, happy weight?   Is it different than what you once thought was ideal for you?  What are your favorite indulgences?   Do you feel guilty when eating them?


One Response

  1. Dear Eve,

    My BMI is around 19.6, as my height is 172.5cm (5′ 8″) and I weigh around 59kg. Technically I’m still thin, and I’m planning to gain some (muscle) weight, the healthy way. What would be my ideal BMI or weight for my height? I’m asian by the way. Thanks.

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