Tips For Reaching Your Nutrition Goals

Happy New Year to all Nutrition by Eve Readers!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

January starts a time for new beginnings.  Especially after the hectic holiday season, January brings a quieter time to focus on YOU!  Maybe you made some concrete new years resolutions or you might have some ideas brewing in your mind that you would like to improve upon.  Well, to accomplish these goals, resolutions or changes the #1 step is: PLANNING.

First write down what it is you would like to change and then figure out what you have to do to accomplish this change.  Since most new years resolutions have to do with diet and nutrition and that happens to be what my blog is about I’m going to give you some tips to reach these goals.

1)  Plan out all your meals and snacks the day before.  Whether you are preparing them at home or eating out, take the time to figure out what you will be eating so you’re not left to a last-minute poor decision due to hunger.

2)  Use Sundays (or whatever day you have free time) to prep all the necessary food you will need for the week.  I think this is a great time to cut up raw fruits and vegetables; you can use them in recipes or for snacks.  If you open the fridge and have a beautiful vegetable platter and a container of hummus you will be more likely to have that than the cookies that are hidden in your cabinet.

3)  Plan in a few treats here and there.  You will be more likely to fail if you try to “diet” too hard.  Look at your month and see if you have any work events, birthday dinners, or other social obligations that you want to use as your splurge meals and plan around them.

4)  Reward yourself.  Come up with rewards now – but they cannot be food related!  Decide what you have to do to receive the reward such as: lose 10 pounds or go one month without soda.  Some good rewards might be a manicure/pedicure, new workout clothes, tickets to a concert, or a spa treatment.

5)  Learn from your mistakes.  If you “mess up” or feel that you “fell off the wagon” it’s ok!  No one is perfect.  Figure out why it happened and what you can do next time to prevent it from happening again.  Then eat well at the next meal and move on.

What is your favorite non-food reward?


4 Responses

  1. Great tips! My favorite non-food related reward is a massage. It even workouts better later so it continues to help with the fitness goals! 😀

  2. My favorite is a new bottle of OPI nail polish. Also, thank you for your pst a while ago about what is in your peanut butter…mine had way too sugar, etc. I made a much needed brand switch 🙂

  3. Great advice, as usual! I think it’s hard to start the habit of preparing and planning, but once you’re in the groove, it’s easy to maintain . . . . I love to reward myself with a massage, a pedi, but also sometimes a guilt-free hour with a good book or a stack of magazines – that costs nothing and it’s easy to be spontaneous!

  4. The first sign that I’m losing weight was dropping a cup size… I got to go out and buy fun/pretty new bras! And I did this even with splurges on chips and salsa or pizza and beer on weekends 🙂 (I just realized this this weekend so I’m still super psyched about it!)

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