Get Rid of Temptation!

When sticking with a healthy diet it’s important to know what foods you cannot keep around without overdoing it.  For some it may be a bag of potato chips, a jar of peanut butter, a box of cookies or a container of ice cream.  Whatever the food is, it’s important not to keep it around!  Some people have great self-control and have no trouble with any foods at all – if that’s you then you’re in the clear.  However, if you find yourself polishing off a large bag of potato chips in 2 servings or finishing a pint of ice cream at one sitting, you may want to reconsider these purchases.

Last week, my husband and I received a beautiful holiday gift basket from his family from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. We received the baked delight’s tower that contained chocolate pecan brownies, praline brownies, glazed lemon loaf, banana nut bread, and a miniature pecan tart. I immediately put the glazed lemon loaf and the banana nut bread in the freezer since they were only good for 2-3 days and are good frozen for up to 6 months.  I will serve them at brunch in the near future.

I was left with a plethora of huge ooey gooey brownies and a mini pecan tart.  Luckily we were having another couple over for dinner that weekend so I knew I could serve the tart and some brownies then.  However, I would still have lots of brownies left over!  That day, I really felt like I “needed” to try one of the brownies, how could I not?  I served myself one on a plate, and it was amazing!  Incredibly dense and rich almost fudge-like, just how I like my brownies.  But guess what, after eating about 1/3 I was done – I had thoroughly enjoyed it and felt satisfied.  So I wrapped it up and saved it for another day.  Well over the next 4 days I had about 1/3 – 1/2 of a brownie each day!  Even though I didn’t completely overdo it, I still do not need sweets on a daily basis!  The only reason I was eating them was because they were in my kitchen!  So instead of eating more, I decided to put the rest in the freezer where I will be more likely to forget about them and have them on occasion when I’m really craving something rich and decadent.

Nutrition Tidbit: Dealing with Temptation

  • Do not buy foods that are too tempting to keep at home.  If you really want this food buy it only when you’re out so you can have it in limited quantities.  For example, if you overdo ice cream every time you buy it, then go out and get an individual serving size when you really want it!
  • If you buy certain foods for your significant other or children but you end up eating them, stop!  You can find other foods that they will be happy with that will not sabotage your own diet – so come up with some new options.
  • If friends or family members leave you with lots of tempting foods or you have leftovers from holidays then freeze it so it’s out of site, bring it to work, or share with others so it will not be tempting you on a day to day basis.

Do you have trouble with portion control or temptation of certain foods?  How do you deal with it?


5 Responses

  1. I am definitely one of those people – if something tempting is in the house, I have trouble not nibbling on it. I honestly sometimes just throw things away – just today I threw away 3 pieces of homemade fudge. I came across a box that I’d put in my downstairs fridge to give at the holidays (and forgotten) and ate a couple of pieces. When I found myself craving more, I knew I wouldn’t stop ’til it was gone – so I was drastic. No one else in the family really likes it, so no one will be disappointed . . . .

  2. I always get chips ro snacks for my boyfriend or bake treats for him and end up eating them all! He’s one of those people who has amazing self-control with food… so there’s always stuff leftover for ME to eat! Not good.

    Thanks for the tips. I should probably put them into action asap 🙂

  3. So true and great tips! I love that you put some of the goodies in the freezer! For me, its dried fruit. I know…so random, but I can just NOT have it in the house or I eat mass quantities! Hope you’re having a good week 🙂

  4. What great tips! 😀 I’ve definitely had sweets “just because they’re there” before, but the advice that you gave about freezing them really does help. Out of sight, out of mind…and they’re still there when a sweet treat is desired too. 😀

  5. Hi Eve! I found your blog through a random WordPress search and I am so thrilled I did! I’m especially excited because I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first (a little girl) and I see that you’ve just had a baby girl – congratulations!!

    I’ve been reading back through your older posts and am gleaning so much information from them. I work as a personal trainer and take an avid interest in nutrition but I’m working on getting away from a “dieting” mentality and leaning more towards intuitive eating.

    This post piqued my curiosity because it’s something I’ve been dealing with since becoming a “normal” eater. In the past I never used to buy peanut butter or ice cream because I always binged on it – I could not keep it in the house without consuming it within days. My husband is not a dieter so he likes to eat sugary cereals, chips, etc and it always freaked me out. I would just label all of these foods as “off limits” or “his food” so that I’d keep myself away from it.

    However, since giving myself permission to eat peanut butter, almond butter (even Nutella!) I notice I never binge on it anymore. At first I concisely measured out TB portions until it got tedious and now I keep it in the house and don’t think twice about it. There are still certain “trigger foods” but I often think that if I stop labeling the as “off limits” or allow myself small amounts then I’ll eventually stop bingeing on those too.

    One thing I’ve noticed lately is that if I buy myself a piece of cake (lately it’s been a big slice of baklava) I can take one or two bites a night and I’m satisfied with that. In the past I would’ve scarfed the whole thing down in one sitting and felt guilty afterwards, vowing never to buy it again.

    I noticed you said in this post that you try not to keep certain sweet foods in the house because you don’t need to eat them everyday. So now I’m wondering – is it a bad thing to indulge a little bit every night or work on “allowing” yourself to keep treats around the house in order to overcome that “good” food “bad” food thinking?

    I’d love your input on this..thank you so much! I will continue reading in enjoyment.. 🙂

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