Baked Tofu

My clients are always looking for quick and healthy meals that don’t take much prep work.  And while I recommend eating from food sources as close to nature as possible, sometimes convenience wins out.  If it’s going to come down to ordering take out or using some help from packaged foods to make a healthy meal, I say the packaged food wins!

Baked Tofu is not only delicious, but it’s very healthy to boot!  You can easily make it yourself by buying extra firm tofu, letting it drain between paper towels to extract the moisture, adding your favorite seasoning (teriyaki, bbq, etc) and baking in the oven.  But sometimes you don’t have time to even do that!

That’s why I like the packaged baked tofu; you can find this in your food store next to the regular tofu.  Whole Foods has a great selection, as well as the organic and health food stores.  You can eat it right out of the package or heat it up.

This is the brand I last bought:

The ingredients are simple, sodium is moderate, and the taste is delicious!

Here is what is looks like out of the package:

Some of my favorite ways to use this tofu are:

  • Added to salads, like I did here
  • In sandwiches, it’s so delicious with hummus
  • In stir fries
  • Added to pasta
  • Plain, served with a baked sweet potato and some green vegetables
  • Any place you would normally use a protein, you can use this tofu and have lunch or dinner ready in no time!

Have you ever tried pre-made baked tofu?  What are your go-to quick protein choices?


8 Responses

  1. I’ve never tried pre-baked tofu but this one looks (and sounds) great! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. (and this reminds me that I have some tofu in the fridge – may make it tonight!) 😀

  2. I’m having this tonight for dinner actually with broccoli and brown rice. For quick protein I normally go for tuna in the pouch or turkey slices.

  3. I have never seen or tried pre-baked tofu! This is potentially life-changing! 😉 Seriously, it takes me so long to bake raw tofu that this would be worth the extra money. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I’ve never tried pre-baked tofu before, but it sounds like such an easy “throw together meal”!! Love the idea of having it there and ready for a busy weeknight meal.

    My go-to protein sources for when I’m in a rush are usually beans and eggs (not usually together 😉 ).

  5. Hi Eve! I love your blog. It’s so informative and interesting! I am curious though, what is your opinion on all the conflicting information out there about soy products? Obviously, you enjoy soy but do you think one’s soy intake should be carefully monitored? I am always hesitant to eat soy because of so many conflicting opinions. Thanks!

    • Thanks Jessica! Soy is extremely controversial and I should probably dedicate a whole post on it. But for a quick response, soy in moderation is absolutely fine. If you have a strong family history of breast cancer in your family, it’s smart to pay closer attention to your intake. I’m always an advocate of a varied diet to make sure you’re not exposing yourself to too much of anything (estrogens in soy, pcbs in farmed salmon, mercury in tuna, etc). Nothing is perfect, but soy has been shown to have a lot of great health benefits – so feel free to enjoy it in moderation and in a varied diet.

  6. some of the health foods that i always eat are those gluten free foods’*”

  7. […] long-term starvation diet can cause nutritional deficiencies that can lead to serious health problems. For instance iron deficiency can interfere with hemoglobin […]

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