Sushi while Pregnant

Today is pregnancy talk 🙂  There are a lot of forbidden foods when pregnant.  Last week I told you about deli meats and today it’s sushi.  Sushi is not allowed since raw fish can carry a lot of bacteria causing mom to become sick. While it’s possible that it will not harm your baby, the last thing you want is food poisoning while pregnant!  I’ve written about sushi before, so if you want the low down on calories and nutrition and what to order when eating sushi when not pregnant read this post called “The Inside Scoop on Sushi.”

But don’t fret – you can eat sushi, just not the raw stuff.  You can eat anything with cooked fish and vegetables.  I love sushi, and while I miss eating raw tuna and salmon, I can still satisfy my sushi craving with other alternatives.  Above is a photo of sushi I ate this week from Whole Foods.  It was a brown rice shrimp california roll and totally satisfied my craving.  I ate it with a big bowl of bok choy and an apple for dessert.

Here’s what you can eat:

  • California Rolls
  • Shrimp Rolls
  • Eel Rolls
  • Cooked salmon (i’m seeing this on more menus)
  • Vegetable Rolls
  • Tempura Rolls (shrimp, crab, vegetable – while not the healthiest it’s always fully cooked)

You can order any of these cooked fish varieties as sushi or sashimi.  I love to get an order of edamame and seaweed salad to enjoy with my roll.  I currently alternate between shrimp rolls and eel rolls.

On a personal note pregnancy has been progressing well this week.  The only complaint I have is sleep!  For some reason I have so much trouble sleeping on my side which makes it very hard to sleep at night.  I bought one of those huge body pillows, which helped quite a bit, but I still find myself waking up many times throughout the night.  But I’m happy to say last night’s sleep was infinitely better than the prior few nights, so hopefully tonight will be too!  Other than that I’m feeling great!

I’m now 23 weeks along, I can’t believe how quickly it’s progressing!  My appetite has definitely been increasing, and I’m listening to my body as closely as possible.  As a result I’m eating more during the day (larger snacks and lunch) but then I’m not as hungry at dinnertime.  I prefer eating like this anyway to fuel my activity for the day, and to minimize heartburn (common symptom during pregnancy) when lying in bed at night.

As for my weight, I’m exactly 9 pounds heavier than I was at the start of my 2nd trimester (13 weeks), however 7.5 pounds heavier than I was at the start of pregnancy, not sure exactly why I lost 1.5 pounds from the 6th-13th week.  I weigh myself periodically at home on Fridays, since I find it to be more accurate than at the doctor’s office.  At the doctor’s office I’m wearing all my clothing (and in the winter that’s a lot!) and I go at different times (always after meals), so the fluctuation may not be as true as if I do it on my own at home in the morning before eating or drinking.


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  1. I don’t think I’ve said it yet, so, a big *congratulations* on the pregnancy! That’s so exciting, and it sounds like you’re doing great. 😀

    I’m also a huge sushi fan, and the brown rice rolls from Whole Foods are one of my favorite treats for when I’m out and about or grocery shopping. I never thought of adding a side of edamame or seaweed salad…love that idea! It would be so much more filling and satisfying, I think. 😀

  2. Yah pregnancy talk Fridays!
    Sushi = YUM
    Where I live (in Australia) the recommendation is no sushi is safe during pregnancy (even vegetable/cooked) due to the risk of listeria. Do you think?
    Glad to hear your pregnancy is progressing along well 🙂 I will be 16 weeks tomorrow, and hopefully will find out if I’m growing a girl avocado or a boy avocado on Monday! (the size of the fetus is an avocado this week, as you probably know.)

    • Hi Shan! Cooked sushi during pregnancy is fine, it’s no different than cooked fish. The only thing I would be careful for is cooked sushi that looks old or isn’t refrigerated properly. This goes for buying any prepared food while pregnant, since you want to be much more careful when it comes to bacteria. Listeria isn’t something you have to worry about from cooked fish. Let me know if you have a girl or boy avocado 🙂 I have a girl papaya right now!

  3. Agreed. Avoid raw food during pregnancy. It is important to have your pregnancy diet on a good note with adequate nourishment. Pregnancy diet for first trimester

  4. When it comes to eating raw food, we become cautious as we may have heard of stories that raw fish could be dangerous and could cause various problems. In addition, we tend to relate raw fish with potential problems that are found in other meat, including chicken, pork and shrimp, if eaten raw.

    As a sushi chef, ive met many women who don’t eat raw on pregnancy and some that does. I’ve questionned many doctors which lead me to the answer about eating raw fish while pregnant.

    They say that eating raw fish is not dangerous as long we do it in moderation. Also the fish needs to be fresh. It’s easy to identify fresh fish by the smell and the color.

    The trick is to tell the manager/Owner/Sushi chef that you are pregnant. Then look at the color and smell the fish.

    Another trick is to choose a restaurant with great reputation about their fish or a 5 star sushi bar.


  5. I love love sushi, but decided to stay away even from “cooked” variations while pregnant. The thing is they’ll cut your roll with the same knife and on the same surface as they do with regular raw rolls and sashimi, so, unfortunately, it’s very easy to transfer bacteria from raw fish to your “cooked” roll.

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  8. Hello, I know this is very old but just incase anyone Google’s sushi when pregnant as I have.. I think the concern with Listeria is more about the rice, not the fish. Rice carries a high risk of listeria, however if it’s fresh and being prepared in a hygienic environment should be fine. I want a seaweed salad sooo bad but can’t help worrying that it might be prepared on same surfaces as raw food. Arrrgh the mental fight between craving and paranoia! (I’m 14 weeks pregnant with my first after two years of trying) 🙂

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