Planning Meals in the Big Apple

I’ve mentioned it many times, but one of the main secrets to success is Planning!  And the key is to use your free time to do so.  Yesterday, I took the time to sit down and plan out what I would cook for dinner Monday through Thursday night and what I would want for lunch to take to work.  I knew that I would have a very busy week with no time to head to the supermarket and I didn’t want to be left ordering in takeout or getting expensive lunches from midtown.

My solution: Fresh Direct.  I usually love going to the supermarket, choosing my produce, and looking for new products, but sometimes the convenience factor wins! And in NYC we are lucky to have an amazing food delivery service (they are not paying me to write this).

What’s great about Fresh Direct is not only the high quality of the products, but they have the nutrition facts for everything they sell! And you can even sort by various nutrition parameters.  For example if you’re looking at bread – you can sort by fiber and it will arrange all the breads starting with the highest fiber content.

I also think Fresh Direct’s 4 minutes meals are fabulous.  These are fresh (not frozen) meals that come in a special microwave container that you literally cook in your microwave (ie the chicken is raw).  There are so many options including ones under 500 calories and meals from Eating Well magazine.  Many of my clients love these meals – and find it’s nice to have a hot lunch during the day that’s portion controlled, nutritious and meets the standards of their on-site RD.

Have you ever used Fresh Direct?  If you live outside of NYC do you have on-line supermarkets?


5 Responses

  1. This is something that I have been learning… planning is so key! I just started this week planning out my workouts. My schedule differs from day to day that I can’t have a set time for everyday. Planning out each individual day and time will force me to not skip it. Great post!

  2. We have Peapod in Chicago that will deliver your groceries that you order on-line. And we have something called Seattle Sutton which is prepackaged meals you re-heat.

    How do you like the food? I’ve heard Seattle Sutton’s food is kind of bland.

    I am a total planner too, I think that helps keep things on track as well.

  3. Planning is my favorite way to decrease stress and anxiety. And it’s the best way to have awesome meals!

    As far as I know we do not have any food delivery service around here. I think it’s great you have such a convenient service, especially for crazy weeks.

  4. I planned out all of my meals for this week last night as well. I feel so much better now with a plan in mind for this week (now that we don’t have a kitchen, it’s a whole new set of challenges to eat healthy).
    When I lived in NYC, I used to order from Fresh Direct all the time. It was perfect for heavier things and their pre-made meals were delicious as well. 🙂

  5. […] groceries delivered!  I’ve spoken about Fresh Direct before, but now I’m even a greater advocate.  Having your groceries delivered is definitely […]

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