A Naturally Low Fat Treat

You’ve probably noticed at this point that I enjoy my sweet treats.  Sometimes I think it’s worth it to give into your cravings and have the real deal (whole fat ice cream, large bakery cookie, etc) but if you can find lower calorie and fat substitutions that satisfy your craving – why not?!


One of my favorite naturally low-fat cookies is the meringue.  Made from egg whites, sugar, and cream of tartar, there’s nothing artificial in these.  I grew up eating these, because my mom was always baking them for our family.  She usually added chocolate chips for a little something extra.

However, I am not really the baker and prefer to spend my kitchen time on meals.  So I turn to the supermarket brand: Miss Meringue to satisfy my craving.  You can have 4 cookies for 110-120 calories!  I find them incredibly satisfying when you’re looking for a light sweet treat.

Do you like Meringues?


2 Responses

  1. I love meringues – I have a terrible sweet tooth and these are so sugary, they quell a craving w/o eating too many . . . .

  2. those look tasty! definitely a good, light treat 🙂

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