Moderation at its Finest

Do you need a reminder as to what Moderation is?  I wrote about once before here.


  • You probably hear it all the time, it’s ok to have a cookie, but in moderation.  Or fast food is ok, in moderation.
  • Moderation is really eating the right amounts of foods while meeting your nutritional needs and maintaining a proper weight.
  • It’s not overdoing anything and setting limits of fat, sugar and sodium for proper health.
  • An example: a diet should be less than 30% fat…so there’s room for an ice cream sundae if you wish but maybe you shouldn’t have this on the day you had a burger and fries for dinner.

Well last night at 7:30 my husband and I were faced with what to do for dinner.  I’m usually more prepared but after moving earlier this week I’m still not as organized as I would like to be!  He said, “I could really go for a burger.”  And the idea of a burger actually sounded good, I rarely eat them.

We ended up at Nice Matin, because my husband remembered having their burger once and said it was really good.  It’s called a “Five Napkin Burger” served with sautéed onions, gruyere cheese, aioli and fries.  Since restaurant burgers are typically 8-12 ounces, I suggested sharing one and getting a healthy appetizer to share as well.  Surprisingly my husband was totally open to that!  So we started with a light vegetable soup to help fill us up and then we shared the decadent Five Napkin Burger (sans aioli) that was totally worth it!  Yes it was a splurge – higher fat ground meat, melted cheese on a brioche type of bun and with fries!  But something I tell my clients day in and day out, is that you can eat anything as long as you keep an eye on the portion and don’t eat it all the time.

The picture above is the actual burger served at Nice Matin but not the one we ate (it’s covered in the aioli).  We split the burger in half, but even so I only ate the bottom half of my bun (it was a huge roll).  And we didn’t even finish all the fries.  I left the meal feeling completed satisfied but not overly stuffed as I would have if I got my own.

Do you ever share entrees out at restaurants?  I love to even though the waiter is not always happy about it!


3 Responses

  1. Great tips! I love to share entrees at restaurants and I also love to order a few appetizers to share for dinner instead of entrees. The waiters usually aren’t happy but portion sizes are out of control at restaurants and usually 3x the size of what I would normally cook for myself.

  2. My husband and I share entrees all the time, and you know, I haven’t really sensed that the waitstaff disapproves – just lucky, I guess! Moderation can be a tricky thing to manage . . . easier for me with say, a burger, than with a bag of chips or a box of cookies. I tell myself what “the limit” is, but find that I’m drawn back for snitches again and again. Better for me to keep it out of the house!

  3. […] If you want a burger and fries, split it with someone and get a salad to start.  Like I did here. […]

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