A Healthier Deli Meat

Deli sandwiches are so easy and can be a very healthy choice.  Unfortunately, I can’t eat them right now.  Turkey, ham and roast beef are all lean options!  I tell my clients you can find a turkey sandwich on whole wheat (sans mayo) wherever you go!

The main issues with deli meats are the nitrates and the sodium content.  Sodium nitrate is a common ingredient in deli meats that is used as a food preservative.  The concern with nitrates is that it’s a known carcinogen.  Now I wouldn’t go crazy if you consume it from time to time, but if you consume deli meats on a daily basis I recommend using a brand that is nitrate free.

In the past I have always recommended Applegate Farms products.  I love their products because they are organic and nitrate free.  However, these are not sold everywhere and are a bit pricey.  This morning while watching the Today Show, there was a segment on the healthiest packaged foods and they mentioned Hormel Natural Choice deli meats that are nitrate free!  While I haven’t tried these myself, I’m sure they are easier to find and would make a great healthy lunch meat choice.

Keep in mind, sodium content on these brands is still high.  So if you suffer from high blood pressure look for a reduced sodium, nitrate free alternative.

Do you enjoy deli meats?


5 Responses

  1. great info! i’m not a big meat eater, i do love sandwiches, though! veggie sandwiches have become a staple in my diet since becoming pregnant 🙂

  2. I will have to look out for that brand. We have cut way back on deli meat in the past year or two. We try and buy a whole chicken or turkey breast, remove the skin and slice it up for the week.

  3. I love deli meat and can’t wait to eat it again after pregnancy! 6.5 weeks to go.

    Any day for you now!

    PS. Great view from your apartment!

  4. I like my turkey or ham sandwich on occasion. We always choose Applegate Farms. 😀

  5. Thanks for such an interesting and informative post! My family practically grew up on luncheon meats until the past few years, and I’ve been searching out a good nitrate free deli meat that they might like on occasion. I’ll definitely be mentioning the applegate farms! 😀

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