Make Things Easy!

When you have a baby your life literally gets turned upside down.  If you were an organized person who liked to plan a lot (like me!) suddenly you can’t do that anymore!  You have to go with the flow.  Right now I’m having a hard time finding time to do anything because Hannah refuses to nap 🙂

Even though life is crazy and being organized is not really happening, it’s not an excuse to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.  So what do I recommend?  You must make things easy on yourself!  Here are some recommendations:

  1. Get groceries delivered!  I’ve spoken about Fresh Direct before, but now I’m even a greater advocate.  Having your groceries delivered is definitely the way to go.  At night once Hannah goes to sleep I can try to think about what I need in the apartment for some simple meals and snacks and place an order.  It’s so simple!
  2. Buy prepped food.  You will pay extra, but if it actually makes you use the food then it’s worth it!  Buy the pre-chopped fruits and vegetables.  Spring for the thin cut chicken cutlets.  Choose the lettuce in the bag (even though you should still wash it before eating).
  3. Treat yourself!  You may not have the time to make a salad – all the chopping and prepping can take a lot of time.  So treat yourself to a salad out – this way you know you’re getting in a healthy meal, and not spending all the time making it yourself!
  4. Keep frozen meals on hand.  Eating fresh is the way to go, but sometimes it is just not possible!  Keep frozen meals around so you can have a quick meal in a pinch.  My favorites are Kashi and Amy’s.  Bulk them up with frozen vegetables, you can microwave them all together.   And it’s healthier than takeout!
  5. Buy pre-made food from your local health food store.  If you have a Whole Foods near by or something similar shop from their prepared food section.  There will be lots of healthy choices and all you have to do is warm it up!  At Whole Foods you can buy pre-made salmon or chicken, lots of wonderful veggies and delicious whole grains.  Just be careful that the things you choose aren’t swimming in oil – just because it comes from a health food store does not mean it’s healthy!

How do you make things easier on yourself?


4 Responses

  1. Nothing prepares you for the reality of being a parent to your first child. I have cups of cold tea all around the house – I never seem to get 2 sips consecutively but at least it means there is always hydration near by. My mother has been bringing cooked and pre-chopped fruit and vegetables, which has been a great help.

  2. Another great tip is to batch up your recipes, separate into individual portions and freeze ’em up for future reheat & eat!

    Also, a crockpot is a miracle worker for healthy, low-effort home-cooked meals. Great for cooler months when you want some something hot and hearty.

  3. Your readers who are stretched for time but still want to eat healthy might be interested in the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System. NuVal is a nutritional scoring system that scores food from 1 to 100; the higher the number, the better the overall nutritional value. It was developed by a panel of leading health and nutrition experts and the algorithm takes into account over 30 different nutrients that either are either beneficial or detrimental to one’s health. Currently, you can find NuVal in Price Chopper, Hy-Vee, Meijer, United Supermarkets, and Brookshires stores. For more information, please visit

  4. Congratulations, Eve. I’m not sure if I already said it a while back. I’m sure your life is unside down but I’m also sure that you will be able to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. 🙂

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