Moving on From Infant Rice Cereal

So you’ve been feeding your baby rice cereal, but the big question you may be having is:

“When should I move on to other food besides rice cereal?!”


Well I wouldn’t rush it if I were you.  Remember you may be bored with rice cereal, but your baby is not!  He or she has been having the same milk (breast or formula) for the past 4-6 months and hasn’t gotten bored yet!  So do not rush just because you are bored.

This is a huge learning experience and you want to give your baby time to master his or her skills before you move on.

Here’s How to Progress with Rice Cereal

  • Start with one feeding per day and make it very thin
  • As you progress add less and less breast milk or formula so it becomes thicker
  • Continue until baby is having 2-3 feedings per day and consuming a total of 1/2 cup of prepared cereal
  • This will give the baby his or her iron needs
  • Spoon feeding is a huge adjustment for the baby, don’t rush it!
  • This process may take 3-4 weeks
  • As you progress make the cereal lumpier

Look out for posts in the coming weeks about feeding your baby fruits & veggies!


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